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It all starts with the Multi-Pole X !

X means ’10’, and 10 means 10 feet reach.

The X pole is a stand-alone (pull-apart) water fed window cleaning solution, including Water Fed Brush, 4 jets, a ‘Sam Johnson’ 2-4 jet switch, RHINO TIP & APEX, RHINO TUBE, and fittings back to your standard hose.  What does that mean ?

You can water fed window clean ground floor walls and glass ;

You can water fed window clean pool fences ;

Clean low work with ease.

You can water fed window clean glass fences and balustrades on both sides, without leaning over and changing your centre of gravity.

If you get the benefits of Water Fed Window Cleaning ‘nose to glass’, then you are going to LOVE going higher …

and NOW, clean those 2 storey windows with Multi-Pole XX

Note: Multi-Pole XX (20ft)

XX means 20 feet of pole -

perfect for 2 storey reach.


Adding the additional 3 sections of Carbonfiber and Fibre X composition, you can clean high windows quickly and easily.


Simply scrub the glass (we call it agitate) a couple of times up-and-down, and all the dirt will come off the glass, and into the water flow. This is the first step.


Take the brush off the glass, and rinse the whole pane from side-to-side, top-to-bottom.

Using demineralised water, you will wash all the dirty water off the glass and leave pure water in it’s place.

When the pure water dries, it dries spot free.


We call this step ‘rinsing’ - but you’ll call it ‘magic’ !


Your windows will be left PERFECTLY clean.

Ideal for contract window cleaning !

When we say ‘contract window cleaning, we mean that using a Water Fed Pole is not your every day CORE service.


What it means is that you are:

  1. a Traditional Window Cleaner looking to clean certain high windows more safely and efficiently, or
  2.  another service business (like a pressure washer) adding external window cleaning as an add-on service, or
  3.  a facilities management or janitorial service looking to bring some of the external window cleaning in-house safely.

Note: Base of Multi-Pole XX

If you are a full time professional Water Fed Window Cleaner, we recommend you to Reach-iT Poles at

Complete with stainless steel end defenders to preserve the working life of your water fed pole, this is a nice bit of kit !


But wait … THERE’S MORE !



Want to Add Water Fed Window Cleaning to Your Business ?

Add the Multi-Pole XT to reach higher

Adding the Multi-Pole XT onto the bottom of your Multi-Pole XX raises it by 11ft.

The best thing about adding an XT is you only use it when you are cleaning the high windows, when you finish them, you then remove it again and use the lighter Multi-Pole XX.

Have a window that is out of reach, not any more...

Note: Base of Multi-Pole XX

How many Multi-Pole XT's can I add to my Multi-Pole XX

You can add 1 Multi-Pole XT to your XX. This raises your Multi-Pole XX to 30ft, which we call the Multi-Pole XXX (30 in roman numerals). This is because the Multi-pole is intentially a "Residential Height" cleaning Water Fed Pole. If you need to reach higher, check out the professional range of water fed poles by Reach-iT at

How does the Multi-Pole XT work ?

You slide the Multi-Pole XT over the Multi-Pole XX's handle section. At this stage you have just added and extra 6ft of reach to your XX. If you still need to reach higher, pull the yellow section from the bottom of the pole for an extra 5ft of reach. Which with the overlap, this is a total 11ft more reach.


Look at the example on the right hand side of this page.

Composition of the Multi-pole XT

The Multi-Pole XT is a 2 part telescopic extension pole. It is made from a hybrid of Fiber X and Carbon fiber. The Fiber X is robust and will not break down over time or show scratches.

Add the Multi-Pole XT to the base

of the Multi-Pole XX to reach higher

Pull this section out

for an extra 6ft reach.

Multi-Pole XT

See it in Action !

If you have never seen someone clean windows from the ground floor before, you will find very helpful.  In one hour of videos, you will know all the theory - and be ready to put it into action !

Choose your Multi-Pole...

What is the maximum height you would like to clean to ?

2 Storey

3 Storey

100% Residential Houses

and Terraces.

Houses on uneven terrain

and SME business parks.