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Multi-Pole XX with Rinse Magic

What’s the Multi-Pole XX ?


You want to clean one and two storey windows, right ?


So you need a 20ft water fed window cleaning pole with a special brush, tube and all the fittings to connect it all together.

What’s Rinse Magic ?


Well -  you want clean, sparkling, spot-free windows, right ?


To get the perfect result, you need to treat your Tap Water -  there is a whole science to it but we won’t bore you with it today -

RRP: USD $578

USD $528

October 2014 Launch Special

Everything you need to know:

What is in the pack:

Pure Water System

  1. Rinse Magic Tank - your spot-free water filter
  2. Connectors for tap/spigot to RM Tank, and RM Tank to brush
  3. Optional - TDS Meter

Water Fed Pole System

  1. Multi-Pole XX
  2. X-tra Light Water Fed Brush
  3. 4 water fed jets with a 2/4 jet switch
  4. RHINO APEX - adjustable angle pole-to-brush adaptor
  5. RHINO CLAMPS - fitted to your Multi-Pole
  6. RHINO Tube - 15m of special water fed tube
  7. STAINLESS End Defenders - (pre-fitted to each handle section)

Composition of the Multi-Pole:


The Multi-Pole is a composite water fed pole, made out of FIBER-X and Carbon Fiber. This produces a rigid water fed pole that can take a beating.

The Warranty for all Multi-Poles is one year.   The warranty is a Manufacturer's Warranty as required by your local laws.  This is in contrast to the Reach-iT poles for professionals which is up to 3 years warranty with a 'fair-use' No-Blame Warranty.